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Welcome to Carpet Cleaning Portadown, a small family run business with an extensive experience in the fields of carpet cleaning, rug and mat cleaning and cleaning of fabric and leather upholstery, curtains, sofas, armchairs, mattresses and much much more. We are proficient and experienced in the these areas of work but it is important to highlight that we love our work, we love to replace dirty, soiled and stained carpets and sofas etc. with clean and protected items which you, the customer, will enjoy for many years to come.

Why should you use us?

Carpet Cleaning Portadown has invested substantially in the latest and best equipment so that you can expect the best results in a reasonable timeframe. We use high pressure water/steam cleaning in conjunction with very precise cleansing agents to produce excellent cleaning with the minimum of fuss. Our chemical usage is kept to a minimum in order to allow for an effective clean but also keeping a tight rein on amounts and measures retaining reference to our overall green agenda. Carpet Cleaning Portadown believes strongly that each little effort that is made by all the little companies adds up to a big difference to our environment.

We have an enhanced drying time with many of our treatments which means that you can regain full usage of your floors or sofas etc in the quickest timeframes. Our whole systems are geared to produce the best results in the shortest time using the best cleansers and protectors to give longevity of service.

Our Services

The work which we see most often is in the following areas:

How and Where We Work

Carpet Cleaning Portadown is committed to serve the Portadown and surrounding areas. We see our business very much as a service and hope to impress you with our old-fashioned service ethos including courtesy and respect for your household or business and a general respect for the customer and their property. We realise that you have a choice of carpet cleaning companies in the Portadown area and hope to induce loyalty in our customers by the quality of our work and the high levels of our service.

Carpet Cleaning Pricing

We further commit to an honest pricing policy which we ensure is competitive. We will commit to a price for each job and will stick to that price so that you can properly budget in advance. This avoids the all to common horror stories of extras being charged for, to which there has not been prior agreement. Our prices are locally very competitive and we look forward to impressing you with them.

Carpet Cleaning Portadown is run by our family which has a wide scope of experience in the cleaning of carpets and soft furnishing but also of hard floors including tiles, marble, stone, wooden floors and laminate. We have gained this experience in the commercial, domestic and industrial flooring sectors and are ready and able to replenish all kinds of floors in your business or home.

Services which we particularly recommend to our clients is our scotch-guarding treatments which will protect the cleanliness of the floor for longer time periods, spot treatments to remove isolated deep staining and where necessary our enhanced drying programme which entails the use of large under carpet airmovers. The pricing details of all these services will be set out to you before work commences and as we like to keep our pricing keen you will not get any nasty shocks.

We hope you have seen enough in our little introductory website to want to contact us for more information and pricing details.

Carpet Cleaning Portadown is ready and waiting to take your call. Please contact us by any of the below methods.

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